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Welcome to Israel!
Our Magical Virtual Tours await you.

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photography: craig-vodnik

Welcome to Israel is Beautiful, Israel's premier virtual tour website, offering exclusive weekly, you-are-there video tour packages! Created by Peter Abelow, Onnie Schiffmiller and renowned Israeli tour guides, sharing more than thirty years of professional tour guiding experience and a love of the Land of Israel. Israel is Beautiful brings Israel into the comfort of your home:​​

  • Weekly Video Tours 

  • Fun for the whole family activity sheets

  • Weekly Meet the Tour Guide live video chats

Machal is an acronym for "Mitnadvei Chutz LaAretz", a group .overseas volunteers who, since before the founding of the State, have worked with great courage and pride to insure the vibrancy and security of the State of Israel.  Meet two of the original members who fought in the War of Independence in 1948, Zipporah (Zippy) Porath and Harold (Smokey) Simon, both of whom have recently passed away.
Meet the Guides:  
  • Peter Abelow
  • Onnie Schiffmiller
  • Dani Abelow


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Rabbi Dana Bogatz of the First Hebrew Congregation, Peekskill NY talks about their Israel is Beautiful Shul Group subscription.

Israel is Beautiful - a true statement, and a fabulous learning experience. These travel videos and worksheets have provided us with many doorways into Israel. From ancient to modern, from urban to rural, from well known to 'hot off the press' locations, Israel is Beautiful has been the backdrop to a wonderful online class about Israel. Here's what one adult student said: "Rabbi Dana has “turned on” our “Lunch and Learn” class to “Israel is Beautiful” and I’ve enjoyed every virtual tour of Israel that they’ve hosted!” Rabbi Dana Bogatz, First Hebrew Congregation, Peekskill NY

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Julie Druker Kravetz, Westport, CT  USA

How fortunate I have been to participate and learn from Israel is Beautiful. Especially during covid,

We were able to be magically transported to Israel in all it’s glory. Every week there are opportunities to learn so many new things from amazing educators that make history truly come alive.  Each week is filled with inspiration and connection with the land of Israel and it’s people. The connection is warm and inviting  Even if you have been to Israel several times, Israel is Beautiful finds endless gems to celebrate and embrace.  Highly recommended .

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