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Synagogue/Shul Groups

We have Special Group Subscription Rates

As part of our mission to bring the vibrant beauty of Israel into every home, we offer synagogues and shuls customized edutainment subscription packages, tailored to meet the needs of your congregation!  

Our Israel is Beautiful packages have been very popular with congregations across the religious spectrum and across the United States.

Each subscription package includes:

  • A set** series of professionally produced videos (between 12 -18 minutes in length)

  • A corresponding, downloadable​ fun family Activity Sheet

  • An related LIVE ZOOM chat with the tour guide


Our videos are designed as an incredible edutainment tool for community classes, children and adult learning programs, Israel-related workshops and classes, as well as for individual members to enjoy in the privacy of their homes.

** The number of videos in the series will be discussed.

There is always the option of a real tour  :)

just ask us...

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