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About Subscriptions - educational groups

Israel is Beautiful was developed by Onnie Schiffmiller and Dr. Peter Abelow, both licensed tour guides with decades of professional tour guiding experience.  The premise is simple, Israel is Beautiful brings Israel, in all its beauty, into the comfort of your home via weekly you-are-there video tours, along with Meet the Tour Guide video chats and more. 

A Subscription Package gives you 

  • Access to the complete Israel is Beautiful library of virtual tours and activity sheets 

  • Weekly Q&A with our professional and engaging guides

  • A new tour and activity sheet is published every Thursday 

Great ideas for subscription packages:

  • subscription package is the perfect gift for family, friends and anyone who loves exploring the Land of Israel. 


  • A subscription package is the perfect way to plan your next trip to Israel.


  • A subscription package is a great learning tool for synagogue and church groups, in the classroom and in private tutoring sessions.

The ultimate in Custom-made Video Tours

Israel is Beautiful offers a unique private online tour: The IiB Bespoke Video Tour 


  • Is there a special site in Israel you'd like to visit, but can't? Perhaps the Dead Sea or Mount Hermon or the Judean Desert? 

  • Have you dreamed of a placing a special prayer at the Kotel, but can't?


  • Do you want to see your name written in the beach in Tel Aviv?

Israel is Beautiful can make your Israel touring dreams come true with a personalized, video Bespoke Tour.  Contact us today and let's make your dream a video reality.

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