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International Women's Month - Just the Beginning

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In honor of International Women's Month, Israel is Beautiful has been profiling women who have contributed to the development of the State of Israel. We have spoken about the heroism of Hannah Senesh and the vision of Golda Meir. Today we turn our attention to the women of today, women inspire us through their technological prowess, their commitment to those on the fringes of society and their tenacity in entering the Israeli political fray to serve the Jewish people in Israel and abroad.

Meet Sarit Sass, healthcare account executive at Microsoft

Sarit Sass, the daughter of American parents, grew up just outside of Tel Aviv. From an early age, she displayed great mathematical and scientific prowess. She attended a prestigious technical high school in a neighboring town and served in an elite unit in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). She earned her degree in the Computer Science department of Reichman University (formerly the Interdisciplinary School of Herzliya). Today Sarit is now a healthcare account executive at Microsoft; traveling the country training Israeli hospitals and healthcare funds to use 21st century technology to improve the quality of healthcare. Although not yet 30, Sarit is an expert in providing cloud-based solutions and has been educating staff at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva and Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, some of the largest hospitals in the country. She is an expert in using augmented-reality to treat Covid 19 patients and is sought-after by medical professionals, across different disciplines, for her expertise in blending technology with improved healthcare delivery. Sarit is an example of young women succeeding in male-dominated professions.

Meet Shari Mendes, creator of the Lemonade Fund

Shari Mendes moved to Israel from New Jersey in 2003. An accomplished architect in both the United States and Israel, Shari thought that she would continue in that field for the duration of her professional career. And while she still accepts a limited number of architectural projects, her professional life veered in an unexpected direction when she received a breast cancer diagnosis. Shari discovered, first-hand, the expense of a cancer diagnosis; lost work, extra cleaning help, extra childcare expenses. The list is endless. Even families with professional careers felt the financial impact.

The Lemonade Fund is born

The financial burden is felt even more acutely by people already living on limited income. The diagnosis, in addition to the physical and emotional toll, often deplete any savings and can lead to spiraling debt. Shari saw the need and created the Lemonade Fund which provides one-time emer