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Israel is Beautiful is Coming to a Synagogue Near You!

We love our subscribers!

Israel is Beautiful has developed a deep and personal relationship with all of our individual Israel is Beautiful subscribers. We post a new virtual tour every Thursday and, on Sundays, we love getting together on a live Zoom chat with all our subscribers worldwide, for more in-depth conversations about the places and people we've visited and answer any questions the group may have.

Expanding our services to synagogue and school programming

Israel is Beautiful is committed to bringing to Jewish communities around the world, entertaining, authentic, pro-Israel content, that is current, engaging and served-up in the virtual world with easy access to everyone! Israel is Beautiful is always growing and we have expanded our service packages to synagogue/shul, Hebrew school and organization programming!

Israel is Beautiful has a library of nearly 100 virtual tours of different sites and communities in Israel! That's right, almost 100 different opportunities to learn about the people and places that make up the Land of Israel. We've climbed Masada, splashed in the waterfalls of Ein Gedi, walked atop the walls of the Old City, interviewed soldiers and even watched the desert bloom on a visit to the Salad Trail.

Customized programming

And along the way, we've created an impressive video and multimedia library resource, that, in conjunction with our years of live touring experience, enable us to create a customized program for your synagogue/shul, Hebrew school or organization. Imagine joining your friends as we explore the lush hiking trails of the Galilee or meet a woman promoting peace in unimaginable ways, all from the comfort of your homes or meeting room.

How do Israel is Beautiful Programs work?

We bring Israel to your doorstep! Tell us what your group or community would love to tour, hike or visit - virtually. We can create a program of a single virtual tour or a series of virtual tours; either centered around a main theme or location in Israel or a variety of themes. Perhaps your group would like to visit a single synagogue that has portrayed all of Jewish history with such love and artistic talent that it's hard to believe that it was all the dream of just one man! How about a visual walk through Jewish history that will astound you: from the Path of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs where Abraham and Sarah once walked to Masada, to the City of David in Jerusalem to the modern hi-rises of Tel Aviv. Or how about an introduction to the minority communities living and thriving in Israel, such as the Druze and the Circassians?