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Beauty in Your Own Backyard

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

(Scallion fields)

Moadim L’simcha! Happy Succot!

Succot & harvest time

Usually during Succot we lace up our boots and hike with family and friends. Although we’re not hiking this year, we can still enjoy the beauty of Israel close to home. Just put on your walking shoes or hop on your bike; there’s always something to see.

We’re fortunate to live in a country where so much of our food is fresh and local. Just a short bike ride from home are citrus groves, olive trees and fields of vegetables. It’s a thrill to ride past fields of gorgeous fresh scallions that are in the ground today but will be on our plates tomorrow.

(Sweet potato fields)

Where to next?

Ride a little further, and we’re in lush fields of sweet potatoes. The greenery is as pretty as house plants; some of it topped with lovely purple flowers.

Ride further still and we’re on the cool reed-shaded trails on the banks of the Yarkon River. Snack on some wild fennel seeds and listen to the calming sounds of chirping birds and water trickling through the rocks.

(Reed-shaded trails)

We may be staying close to home this year, but Israel reveals her special beauty to all who care to look for it. Looking forward to showing you the beauty of Israel through our virtual tour packages and, hopefully, taking you on live tours very soon!


Israel is Beautiful was developed by Onnie Schiffmiller and Dr. Peter Abelow, both licensed tour guides, with a shared love of the Land of Israel, sharing nearly thirty years of professional tour guiding experience.  The premise is simple, Israel is Beautiful brings Israel, in all its beauty, into the comfort of your home via weekly you-are-there video tours, along with Meet the Tour Guide video chats. Join us in this adventure, subscribe today and begin your own personal journey of the Holy land with Israel is Beautiful.


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