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Israel IS Beautiful, Especially when it’s Israel from the Heart!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Israel is Beautiful hopes that all of you are healthy and that your Rosh HaShanah was enjoyable.

As we write this, Israel is in a lockdown. The extent of that lockdown may expand in the days and weeks ahead. for Israelis, it’s not possible to tour right now. But, when it comes to doing mitzvot (good deeds), nothing will stop us.

As Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgement draws near, we wanted to inspire you.

Here are just a few of the people and projects addressing the needs of Israelis during these challenging times.

1. Leket, Israel’s premier food rescue organization, has recently initiated a creative program to support people across the economic spectrum Their Meal for Two program, funded through donations, allows for the purchase of healthy and delicious meals from restaurant owners and delivered to people in need. This is a win-win-win initiative. Restaurants can continue to order produce from farmers, restaurants gain much-needed income, and people struggling to put food on the table struggle a little bit less. Learn more:

2. The Lemonade Fund, the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund, with support from the support of the Inbar and Marius Nacht Foundation, provided free taxi rides for patients who needed to go to the hospital for treatment. Learn more:

3. Cities across Israel, realizing that people needed an entertainment outlet, revived the drive-in movie experience. Cities offered two evening shows; one for children and a later one for adults. It was so much fun introducing our childhood experiences to our grandchildren! And while this may not seem like an obvious good deed, being able to safely enjoy some fun time during this crisis was a great boost to our emotional health!

4. Creating our own shade – One of the inspiring outcomes of the pandemic has been the evolution of the outdoor street minyan (prayer quorum). With synagogues either closed or limited in seating options, people have taken to the streets. Local streets are dotted with men an women offering their daily praise to God while streetsweepers clean and people water their plants. It’s an organic experience that has elevated prayer in so many ways. But it’s still hot. So how do Israelis cope? Well, they erect their sukkot just a bit earlier this year so shade is guaranteed.

5. Recently, Israel is Beautiful welcomed a new grandson into the world, the brit ceremony was corona restriction-compliant and held in a neighborhood park. How beautiful to welcome a new human being into the Covenant of Abraham as people responded with ‘amens” from the street and their balconies. We truly felt the presence of G-d in that moment.

These are just a few of the initiatives and snippets of daily life in Israel during the corona pandemic. While we miss you so much, we are thrilled to see our members on the Israel is Beautiful web site.

Look for more Israel is Beautiful blog pieces. In the meantime, have an easy and meaningful fast!


Israel is Beautiful was developed by Onnie Schiffmiller and Dr. Peter Abelow, both licensed tour guides, with a shared love of the Land of Israel, sharing nearly thirty years of professional tour guiding experience.  The premise is simple, Israel is Beautiful brings Israel, in all its beauty, into the comfort of your home via weekly you-are-there video tours, along with Meet the Tour Guide video chats. Join us in this adventure, subscribe today and begin your own personal journey of the Holy land with Israel is Beautiful.


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