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Neot Kedumim: The Park Where Pine and Palm Trees Collide!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Nestled between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv lies a unique park, a Biblical park: Neot Kedumim. What is a Biblical park and what makes a visit there a must for everyone, Israeli and tourist alike?

How Neot Kedumim began

Founder Nogah HaReuveni was a botanist and the son of botanist immigrants from Russia. His parents instilled a love of the land by reading Bible stories to him from the time he was a toddler. Nogah continued his parents passion by studying botany, but Nogah didn't want to just study the plants of Israel, he wanted to share his passion with the world.

Hyssop - mentioned in the Bible

After many years, Nogah realized his dream through the creation of Neot Kedumim, a park that contains every plant, tree and vine mentioned in the Bible, as well as many mentioned in the Talmud. Through years of careful planning, he was able to transport trees from the Golan Heights, the coastal plain and even the Negev Desert, so that everyone could enjoy the natural beauty of Israel in one location.

Cedar trees (from Lebanese seedlings) - Almond trees - Date palm trees

Neot Kedumim - a family adventure