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Negev Desert Fun

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Baby, it's hot out there - in the desert!

Yes, the Negev is hot during the summer, but Israel is Beautiful has some great activities that will keep you entertained and cool even if you visit in July and August!

1. The desert is hot during the day, but gentle winds blow as the sun sets, making it a perfect time for an evening astronomy tour. Ira Machefsky, affectionately known as "the Stargazer" will delight you with magical tours of the night sky. He takes you deep into the desert to avoid any ambient light. The blanket of stars will amaze you.

Learn more here:

2. The Negev Desert is home to the Machtesh Ramon geological crater. It's 40 kilometers long, so the exploration opportunities are endless! Adam Sela, and his son, Nadav, give the most enjoyable tours of the crater. You have so much fun bouncing around the crater floor that you forget how much you're learning. It's a great family experience. Some of the jeep tours can even take place at night for extraordinary evening experience.

3. OK, we can't make this up: did you know that you can enjoy archery in the desert? That's right! Desert Archery in Mitzpeh Ramon offers archery lessons along the desert sand dunes that are so hard to hit because you're laughing so hard at shooting targets in the desert. Learn more here:

4. And there are sleeping arrangements in the Negev to fit any budget. From renting tents to the luxurious Beresheet Hotel along the crater rim, there's something for everyone!

5. And last, but not least, Mitzpeh Ramon, in the heart of the Negev Desert, is filled with wandering ibex. They are beautiful to watch as they gracefully scale the mountain cliffs.

The Negev desert awaits you as does so many other wonderful natural attractions throughout Israel.


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