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Off-the-Beaten-Path: The amazing story of Israel's Kosher Wineries!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Israeli wines are celebrated globally!

Israeli wines and their respective wineries have garnered top awards at the world's most prestigious wine competitions since the late 1990s. Golan Wineries and Carmel Wineries are perfect examples of two Israeli wineries who have become household names and have put Israeli wines on the map and also on the tables of Jewish and non-Jewish restaurants and homes throughout the world.

How was this Israeli wine revolution made possible? While Israel is a very small and narrow country, we are blessed with several excellent grape growing areas, including the central coastal plain, the Shefela and the Judean Hills where Israeli vineyards were planted some hundred years ago by the fist wave of Zionist pioneers and in more recent years, newer vineyards have been planted in the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee.

Discover Israeli Wineries off the beaten path

Now let's discover and visit some wineries off-the-beaten-path. Visiting wineries, enjoying their readily-available tours and tastings (many times served with select locally-grown and sourced cheeses, olives and olive oil and mouth-watering freshly baked bread) and lectures are such a wonderful addition to any trip to Israel and Israel is Beautiful is thrilled to introduce you to some boutique kosher wineries that are producing terrific wines.


Thirty-five minutes northeast of Tel Aviv, in Hod HaSharon is the Benhaim Winery. Vintner Itay Ben Haim is a 6th generation vintner (!) whose love affair with grapes is evident in the delicate bouquets wafting from every bottle. Since 1932, the family has been producing several varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz that have all been aged in specially-designed oak-barrels inspired by the ones once designed by his family's ancestors back in Romania in the late 19th century! Stop in for a Friday morning tasting and enjoy some live music with a glass of your favorite wine.

Photo Credit: Benhaim Winery