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The Zomet Institute - Where Disappearing Ink is Real and Legos are Not Just for Kids

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Zomet Institute and the Sabbath

For many people, writing on the Sabbath is no big deal. Grab your pen or your laptop and off you go. For many farmers, they don’t worry about how they will water their fields on Shabbat.

And some people don’t mind not being able to light Shabbat candles when they are in a hotel room where such an act is a violation of safety codes.

While it’s true for many people, it’s not true for all people. Andthis is where the Zomet Institute steps in. Located in Gush Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, Zomet ('intersection' in Hebrew) is creating and modifying technology so that Halachically-observant Jews can enjoy and take advantage of 21st century-technology without sacrificing their beliefs.

Zomet and Lego

The Zomet Institute works with engineers, medical and religious experts to create that intersection where religious life and technology meet and co-exist, with devices such as pens with disappearing ink and electric Shabbat candles. They are constantly researching Jewish law and examining new technologies and 'out of the box' solutions to ensure that all Jews can live a modern life without violating their religious beliefs. Many times they begin that process by building halachically-compliant devices with Lego blocks! Israel is Beautiful takes you on a special virtual tour of this fascinating institue.

Join us as we tour Israel, all from the comfort of your home!


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